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Calving Cameras for Livestock

Elevate your livestock monitoring with our cutting-edge Calving Cams at Shwintek. Engineered with precision, these cameras boast a 360-degree rotation feature, providing comprehensive coverage of your calving areas. Stay connected in real-time with live video feed functionality, allowing you to monitor your livestock remotely. Never miss a critical moment with playback capabilities, enabling you to review recorded footage for thorough analysis. At Shwintek, we take pride in our premium installation services, ensuring a seamless setup that guarantees optimal performance. Trust our Calving Cams to deliver unparalleled precision, reliability, and security for your valuable livestock.


360-Degree Rotation

360-Degree Rotation: Experience a comprehensive view with our surveillance cameras that feature a full 360-degree rotation. No angle is left unseen, ensuring thorough surveillance of your surroundings.

Live Video Feed

Live Video Feed: Stay connected with our cameras offering a live video feed. Monitor real-time activities on your property, providing you immediate insights and control at your fingertips.

Playback Capabilities

Playback Capabilities: Access recorded footage effortlessly with our cameras. The playback feature allows you to review past events, analyze incidents, and make informed decisions based on a detailed history of surveillance.

Premium Installation

Premium Installation: Ensure peace of mind with our premium installation service. Our expert technicians guarantee meticulous setup, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your surveillance needs.