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Fiber Optic Solutions With SHWINTEK

Shwintek's Fiber Optic services offer a comprehensive solution for seamless connectivity. Our expertise includes Fusion Splicing, ensuring a robust connection between fibers. We specialize in precise Trench Cable Installation, providing reliable fiber optic pathways. When it comes to Server Rack Termination, we ensure efficient connectivity for your network infrastructure. Additionally, our team excels in both Single Mode and Multi Mode Cable Installation, tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs. Trust Shwintek for cutting-edge fiber optic services that guarantee optimal performance and connectivity.


Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Shwintek specializes in Fusion Splicing for fiber optic connections, ensuring a seamless and robust link between fibers. Our expert technicians meticulously align and join optical fibers, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability in your network infrastructure.

Trench Cable Installation

Experience reliable fiber optic pathways with Shwintek's Trench Cable Installation service. Our team executes precise installation methods, burying cables underground to protect and maintain the integrity of your fiber optic network, providing a secure and efficient connectivity solution.

Server Rack Termination

Ensure efficient connectivity for your network infrastructure with Shwintek's Server Rack Termination expertise. Our team handles the termination of fiber optic cables within server racks, optimizing your network for seamless communication and performance.

Single Mode & Multi Mode Cable Installation

Shwintek specializes in the installation of both Single Mode and Multi Mode fiber optic cables. Tailoring solutions to your specific requirements, we guarantee optimal performance and connectivity, providing a reliable foundation for your communication network.