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High-Quality RV / Auto Maintenance

Embark on worry-free journeys with Shwintek RV & Auto Care. We're your trusted pit stop for everything RV and auto-related. Our services cover winterizations, multipoint inspections, maintenance and repairs, full pre-delivery inspections, electrical and plumbing work, suspension tweaks, and even aftermarket upgrades like stereo systems and subwoofers. Whether you're hitting the road in an RV or cruising in your favorite set of wheels, Shwintek ensures your ride is in top-notch condition. From mobile home maintenance to custom installations, we've got the expertise to keep you rolling smoothly. Choose Shwintek for a reliable partner on your road to hassle-free adventures.



Prepare your RV or auto for the colder months with our thorough winterization services. Trust Shwintek to protect your vehicle from the harsh elements.

Multipoint Inspection

Ensure the reliability of your RV or auto with our comprehensive multipoint inspection. We meticulously examine various components to identify and address any issues.

Maintenance & Repairs

Count on Shwintek for professional maintenance and repairs for your RV or auto. Our skilled technicians keep your vehicle in optimal condition for worry-free travels.

Full Pre-Delivery Inspection

Before hitting the road, let Shwintek conduct a thorough pre-delivery inspection to ensure every aspect of your RV or auto meets the highest standards for safety and performance.

Electrical & Plumbing

Our experts handle electrical and plumbing issues with precision. From wiring to plumbing systems, we ensure your RV or auto functions flawlessly on every journey.


Experience smooth rides with our suspension services. Shwintek specializes in optimizing and maintaining the suspension systems of RVs and autos for enhanced comfort.

Aftermarket Parts

Upgrade your RV or auto with our premium aftermarket parts. Shwintek offers a selection of high-quality components to enhance performance and style.

Stereo Systems & Subwoofers

Elevate your driving experience with our top-notch stereo systems and subwoofers. Shwintek brings quality audio solutions to enhance your RV or auto entertainment.

Mobile Home Maintenance & Repair

Trust Shwintek for comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your mobile home. Our expertise ensures your mobile home stays in top-notch condition.