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Secure Your World With SHWINTEK

At Shwintek, we take pride in delivering premium quality services across a diverse range of offerings. As a top-tier general contracting and low voltage specialist, we cater to individuals and businesses seeking unparalleled professionalism and exceptional work. Our team is dedicated to ensuring every job is completed with the highest quality, leaving our clients fully satisfied. From security camera setups to networking and Wi-Fi installations, Shwintek is your go-to partner for clean installations and operational perfection.


Turret Cameras

Shwintek proudly presents advanced turret cameras, known for their precision and flexibility in surveillance. These cameras offer superior image quality and versatile mounting options, ensuring optimal coverage for a variety of applications.

Bullet Cameras

Our selection includes robust bullet cameras, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With weatherproof features, these cameras provide reliable and durable surveillance in diverse environmental conditions.

Hidden Cameras

Shwintek offers discreet hidden cameras, expertly crafted to seamlessly blend into any surroundings. These cameras are ideal for users seeking covert surveillance without compromising on image quality.

Fisheye Cameras

Experience panoramic views with our fisheye cameras, capturing a wide field of vision. Perfect for monitoring expansive areas, these cameras provide comprehensive coverage with exceptional clarity.

IP Cameras

Shwintek's IP cameras harness the power of the internet for seamless remote monitoring. Enjoy high-resolution video streaming and advanced features, enhancing overall security and surveillance capabilities.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras

Elevate your surveillance game with our PTZ cameras, offering unparalleled control over the monitored area. With pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities, users can actively monitor specific points of interest in real-time.

Flush-Mount Cameras

For a sleek and unobtrusive installation, our flush-mount cameras are the epitome of sophistication. Seamlessly integrated into surfaces, these cameras maintain the aesthetics of the environment while ensuring effective and discreet monitoring.